IWD 2018

In 2018 The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame hosted an International Women’s Day Breakfast and fundraiser on 8th March with Andrea Mason as guest speaker. 

Andrea is CEO of the NPY Women’s Council, an organisation committed to delivering youth and wellbeing programmes and addressing domestic and family violence. She is Co-Chair of the Prime Minister’s Indigenous Advisory Council and a former Northern Territory Australian of the Year, Australian Telstra Businesswoman of the Year and Centralian Citizen of the Year. 

The theme was “Change in Motion: Women Leading Together. In 2017 through the MeToo campaign, stories and testimonies of sexual violence and equal pay for equal work seemed to be everywhere, and social media played a huge role in sustaining the messages. As a result of this profile, Andrea challenged us to make the changes that will give the next generation of Australian women a better life, a life free of inequalities, exploitation and discrimination. 

Iwd Photo