Women at the Heart

This is the story of Women at the Heart - who became our women of the heart - those born here and those who came to the centre of this vast dry continent Australia, and stayed.

This is also a story of women with heart, when ‘heart’ is used to embrace not only courage, endurance, resilience and resourcefulness, but also companionship and compassion. 


Explore the stories of the women of Central Australia: the friendships, the joys and the hardships. They were women like us: mothers, aunties, sisters and daughters, with strengths, weaknesses, joys and fears. These are not the only stories that could be told, but they start to give an idea of our much-treasured heritage.


Our story on these panels has been taken to the 1940s, to show a period of time loosely accepted today as the “pioneering” era, when challenges were met and foundations built that are now taken for granted. Of course, the story never ends but continues to grow through individual stories, honoring those women well-known and those little-documented, who precede us: our Women at the Heart.