Long Journey

What Can Make Me Happy

Taking the dogs for a walk

Helping out others

Listening to R & B music (my favourite song is Michael Jackson’s “You Are Not Alone”)

Talking and saying hi to people

Rainy weather and running around in the rain

Watching scary movies

Colouring-in and drawing



Cuddling and playing around with my nanna’s little puppies

Helping out nanna whenever she needs it

Telling happy stories

Reading magazines

Going for a walk 

1 June 2016

My Funny Brother

I am feeling not very well coz my lovely brother passed away.  I remember he was very close to me.  He always used to scare me a lot with wearing different masks.

 7 September 2016

Lost in Memories

 I’m lost because I’m still thinking of my mum every day. I never got the chance to say that I loved her.  I’m frustrated because the police chased them and angry because I never got to see my mum again. 

Number one means I’m lost because of what did happen to my mum.  And I really need help, number two.  And number three is that I’m lonely and number four is that I’d left my family, left out.

4 May 2016

I’m so Lost and Angry

I’m so lost and angry 

Getting lonely, in the darkness 

Losing my family and getting frustrated and angry 

16 November 2016