Book "green And Gold Cookery Book, Revised"

Paperback, measuring 12 cm width by 17.5 cm length.  Thirty-eighth edition; a search for a year was unsuccessful.  Contains 253 numbered pages.  The back, left endleaf has a recipe for Cheese Ball handwritten in blue ballpoint pen.

The General Index includes such topics as:

Measures and Catering Hints, How to use an Electric Range, Automatic Gas Cooker, Non-Automatic Gas Cooker, Pressure Cooking, Invalid Cookery, Culinary Hints, and Laundry and Dry Cleaning Hints.

Object ID: NPWHF1330 - Book "Green and Gold Cookery Book, Revised"

Object Number: 1330

Materials: book

Provenance: WATERS, Margaret

Maker: Rigby Limited