"patons Classic Collection In 5 And 8 Ply For Men No. 52"

This book contains patterns for men’s cardigans and jumpers.  Like a Man’s Cardigan - high or medium buttoning and man’s jumper with “V” or round neck or polo collar.  It also explains that when you have achieved the correct tension, use the same needles to knit your garment [you may unravel your tension square and use yarn in your garment].  Remember, if you need to change the needle size to achieve the correct tension, you must also change the size of needles used in bands.  It has forty pages and is in good condition.

Object ID: NPWHF1236 - "Patons Classic Collection in 5 and 8 Ply for Men No. 52"

Object Number: 1236

Date Made: undated

Materials: Paper and ink.

Dimension: Height 27.5 cm Width 19 cm

Provenance: DOWNING, Simone