Pat Holden Fashions Plastic Carrier Bag

Plastic store carrier bag, which was probably new.  The bag is white plastic, size, with a carrier handle through the two sheets of plastic.  It measures 48.1 cm in width and 50.8 cm in height.  In an oval, centered on the bag, is “Pat Holden Fashions” in a white, script font on a black background.  Under it is a black line, and under the line, in black ink, is “WERE SPECIAL, LIKE YOU”.  The bag expands at the bottom to 8.7 cm.

Object ID: NPWHF1217 - Pat Holden Fashions Plastic Carrier Bag

Object Number: 1217

Dimension: 48.1 cm wide, 50.8 cm high, 8.7 cm depth

Provenance: CLIFFORD, Caroline & Bruce