Green And Gold Cookery Book

Yellow Post-It note:  “DONATION – Mrs Arizona Mundy – Cookery Books x 4.”
Yellow Post-It note:  “I think this is an early Green & Gold cookery book – 1st pub 1923.”

One hundred eighty-two (182) mm length by 122 mm width. Missing covers; held together by three (3) staples; pages 1 to 178.  Before page 1 are four pages (two pages, front and back) of Gelatine Recipes:  (1) Salmon in Jelly, (2) Beetroot Mould, (3) Carrington Mould, and (4) Fruit Salad.  Pages at the beginning have curled upper right corners and missing lower right corners.

Object ID: NPWHF1064 - Green and Gold Cookery Book

Object Number: 1064

Materials: paper

Dimension: 182 mm length by 122 mm width

Provenance: MUNDY, Zona