Gladys Ware/baker With Daughters Photo

three women, sepia
The original of 1/13A from the Mundy photo album.
Measures 199 mm wide by 152 mm high.
Glued to cardboard backing, now peeling off.  The cardboard had been taped to something, as all sides show signs of it.
Included with the photo, tucked into the frame, typed on white paper measuring 91 mm wide by 25 mm high is:
GLADYS WARE/BAKER (née Andrews) with her daughters Raelene (left) and Zona (right) in 1957” 

That photo was captioned:
[“Andrew” in photo 1/13A but “Andrews” in photo 1/12A]
with daughters Raelene (L) & Zora (R) 1957

Object ID: NPWHF1060 - Gladys Ware/Baker with Daughters Photo

Object Number: 1060

Materials: metal, photo paper, cardboard

Dimension: 199 mm wide by 152 mm high

Provenance: MUNDY, Zona