Photocopied Article: "central Australian Aboriginal Women And Pine Gap" From Chain Reaction Vol 36 Feb/march 1984, 4Pp

Printed A4 paper single sided, black ink on white page.  Four pages total spanning from page 14 of Chain Reaction (Vol 36 Feb/Mar 1984) to page 17.  Pages held together by a staple in top left corner.  Content consists of text & images relating to indigenous involvement surrounding the 1983 Pine Gap protests

Object ID: NPWHF0805 - Photocopied article: "Central Australian Aboriginal Women and Pine Gap" from Chain Reaction Vol 36 Feb/March 1984, 4pp

Object Number: 805

Date Made: Feb/Mar 1984

Materials: printed paper, black on white

Dimension: 21 cm width, 29 cm length

Provenance: DITTON, Pamela

Maker: Chain Reaction, publisher: Friends of the Earth/Chain Reaction Co-Operative Ltd.