Surgeon's Binocular Magnifying Lenses

a) Box, cylindrical cardboard covered in leather with a flap hinged lid at one end with tuck in of flap closure. Makers name and address on inside of flap lid. 

b) Magnifying lenses consisting of conventional spectacle frames (style) mounting two circular magnifying lenses. focused slightly inwards to provide a focal length of about 300mm. Frames are chrome steel with ear peices coated with plastic, lenses are glass. Magnification is about 5X at 300mm focal length. 

Object ID: NPWHF0733 a,b - Surgeon's Binocular Magnifying Lenses

Object Number: 733

Materials: leather covered cardboard, glass, chrome steel

Dimension: a) 150mmL 50mmD b) Lenses 30mmD 20mm deep. spectacles part earpiece 11cmL, W 9cm

Provenance: Alice Springs Hospital Library

Maker: Theodore Hamblin Ltd.