Tongue Depressor Component Of Boyle-Davis Mouth Operation Gag

Tongue depressor of stainless steel 3mm thick bent at a rightangle. The vertical component is 145mmLX 15mmW terminating in a 150degree hook.The outside of the bar is indented with 17 serations .The horizontal component ( tongue piece) 90mmLX26mmW . The lower surface ( tongue surface) is finely seratedin a cross hatch pattern. The tongue piece gently curves downwards by 20degrees over its outer third.(following the shape of the tongue). Along the curved length of the tongue piece is an 8mm defect (slot) bridged by 3X3.5mm arches set 15mm apart. This slot extends to near the right angle turn and ends in a 10mm round hole. 

Object ID: NPWHF0732 - Tongue Depressor Component of Boyle-Davis Mouth Operation Gag

Object Number: 732

Materials: stainless steel

Dimension: 37cmL 1.5cmW 2mm thick

Provenance: Alice Springs Hospital Library

Maker: ANAX