Cervix Dilator

Cervix dilator, stainless steel tapered cylinder with 10 degree curve over the distal one third of its length. At the proximal ( handle) end a short (20mm) 24mm diameter cylinder at right angles to the shaft provides a handle and is marked with “15/18”on one side and “DOWN ENGLAND” (manufacturer) on the other. The shaft tapers from 18mm diameter at the proximal (handle) end to 15mm diameter at the distal (tip) end. Tapering commences 70mm from the handle and the length of the instrument overall is 175mm.

Object ID: NPWHF0724 - Cervix Dilator

Object Number: 724

Materials: stainless steel

Dimension: L 175mm, D 18mm - 15mm taper handle24mm

Provenance: Alice Springs Hospital Library

Maker: Down Brothers Surgical Instrument Makers