Headlight For Theatre

Headlight for theatre, stainless steel semi circle  to fit over head at the end of which is a stainless steel plate. One end is adjustable. Opposite end has a cylindrical torch attached( 8cm long, 2cm wide) with a ball bearing so as to be adjustable. From torch is a wire cable that extends 10cm along semi circle , then 14cm along is another loop to hold it in place. Then cable continues for 135cm to 2 screw connectors to a battery. The cable is double and plastic coated. There is a piece of black tape 4cm from the screws presumably to stop the cables from separating. 

Object ID: NPWHF0721 - Headlight for Theatre

Object Number: 721

Materials: stainless steel, plastic, glass

Dimension: Headpiece 18.5cm diameter, cable 165cmL, Torch 8cmL, 2cm D ,

Provenance: Alice Springs Hospital Library