Set Of 6 Syringes

Set of 6 syringes 1cc, 2,5,10,20,50 a) 1cc glass outer 8.5cm L with a 10cm blue plunger. On the end of syringe is a 1.5cm stainless steel nozzle. Inside of nozzle has a hollow “male”connector which extends 4mm above nozzle. Nozzle has 2 defined sections but in one entire part. Top 5cm is slightly wider and has two 1cm long x2mm wide locking grooves on each side for locking in of needle. On side of syringe is measurement numbers and lines being 0-1cc with 1ml increments marked and longer lines to define 5ml increments. On the other side of line is 0-16m with small divisions. b) 2cc glass syringe which has a total length of barrel of 5.5cm with a 1cm glass tip. 3mm in diameter opposite end has two coils of wire with twist on end. Plunger is 5cm length inside syringe with head 1.5cmx .5cm deep. Syringe barrel has a line with 0-2ml with 1.5 divisions on other side 40cm with line divisions at ever 10m with smaller divisions. c) 5ml glass barrel and plunger. Barrel is 7.5cm L x2cm outer diameter. 1.5cm internal diameter with stainless steel nozzle which is 1cm with locking grooves which are .5cm. It has a stainless steel .5cm wide band curving around barrel of syringe with 2 hooks onto lip for stabilization. Plunger is 8.5cmLx1cm with a head 1.5cmx.5cm Markings 0-5cc increments- Long marks at every cc. Small line markings at each .2cc. d) is a 10ml glass syringe with a barrel which is 9.5cm with a .5cm lipx1.5cm diameter. It has an attached stainless steel nozzle which is 1cm in length with 2 locking grooves of .5cm each. Total length of plunger is 11cm with internal 8.5cm. Head is 1.5cmx2cm. It has a .5cm stainless steel band around top of barrel. e) 20cm glass syringe which has an outer barrel which is 11cmx2cm with a .5x.5deep neck. Additional 1.5cmx.4cm with opening for attachment of needle. This is off-centered to one side. Plunger total length 13cm- internal length 10cm. Neck of 1.5cm Head is .5x2.5cm wide. f) 50cc syringe. Outer barrel is 13cmLx4.5cmD with stainless steel nozzle 1.5cmLx1cmD attached. Nozzle is off centre of barrel end. Plunger is glass tube 15.5cmL x 3cm D. With nozzle and plunger it is 18cm L. Barrel is marked in lines in 10cc increments. 

Object ID: NPWHD 0723 a,b,c,d,e,f - Set of 6 syringes

Object Number: 723

Materials: glass, stainless steel,

Provenance: Alice Springs Hospital Library