The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame has a reference library of books, video and audio cassettes relating to Australian women’s history. For access, please contact the curator at

  • Arresting Women'history Of Women In Victorian Police (1997)

    Author: Colleen. Woolley

    Published: in 1997 by Victoria Press

    Subject: Policewomen- Victoria - History

    Format: Book

  • Art Of Survival (1996)

    Author: . Various

    Published: in 1996 by Tara Publishing

    Subject: Fabric Images of Womens Daily Lives NEEDLEWORK / +Sewing

    Format: Book

  • As I Was Saying (1990)

    Author: Margaret. Geddes ( Compiled By)

    Published: in 1990 by Five Mile Press

    Dewey No.: 082.082

    Subject: wit and wisdom of Australian Women, sayings, poems, cartoons

    Format: Book

  • As The Twig Is Bent:the Childhood Recollections Of Sixteen Prominent Australians (1979)

    Author: Terry. Lane (Ed)

    Published: in 1979 by Dove Communications

    Subject: Australia - Biography

    Format: Book

  • As We Wave You Goodbye:australian Women And War (1998)

    Author: Jan. Bassett

    Published: in 1998 by Oxford University Press

    Subject: War-Literary collections;Australian literature-women authors

    Format: Book

  • Astronauts, Lost Souls & Dragons :voices Of Chinese Australians In Conversation. (1997)

    Author: Diana. Giese

    Published: in 1997 by Univ. of Qld Press

    Subject: 1/Oral history 2/Chinese-Australia-Interviews

    Format: Book

  • Aunts Up The Cross (1965)

    Author: Robin. Dalton

    Published: in 1965 by Penguin Books

    Format: Book

  • Australia Felix : The Fortunes Of Richard Mahoney (1962)

    Author: Henry Handel. Richardson

    Published: in 1962 by The Norton Library

  • Australia For Women (1994)

    Author: Susan. Hawthorne Edited

    Published: in 1994 by Spinifex

    Dewey No.: 919.40463

    Format: Book

  • Australia From A Woman's Point Of View (1981)

    Author: Jessie. Ackerman

    Published: in 1981 by Cassell & Co.Ltd.

    Subject: Australia - social conditions - ca.1893-1912

    Format: Book

  • Australia On The Hoof (2007)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 2007 by Liz Martin

    Subject: Road Heritage No 4 in series

    Format: Book

  • Australia Remembers : 1945 - 1995 Yandina Women Remember (Ed) (1995)

    Author: Audienne. Blyth (Ed)

    Published: in 1995

    Subject: australia in war time

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Daughters :woman And Society (1978)

    Author: Rosemary. Auchmuty

    Published: in 1978 by Methuen

    Dewey No.: 301.41

    Subject: Women- Australia - History, women's rights.

    Format: Book

  • Australia's First Lady : The Story Of Elizabeth Macarthur (1991)

    Author: Lennard. Bickel

    Published: in 1991 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 994

    Subject: Macarthur,Elizabeth, 1769 - 1850

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Founding Mothers (1978)

    Author: Helen. Heney

    Published: in 1978 by Thomas Nelson Australia Ltd

    Dewey No.: 301.4120994

    Subject: Australian women's history; 1787-1822, convicts, emancipation,morals

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Oral History Collections: A National Directory (1992)

    Author: Martin (Ed). Woods

    Published: in 1992 by National Library of Australia

    Dewey No.: 016.9072

    Subject: Oral history, genealogy, public records

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Road Transport Heritage (1995)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 1995 by Liz Martin

    Subject: road transport

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Road Transport Heritage Collection- Australia On The Hoof No4 (2007)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 2007 by Liz Martin

  • Australia's Road Transport Heritage Collection- Women At The Wheel N0 8 (2007)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 2007 by Liz Martin

  • Australia's Road Transport Heritage Collection.-Australian Transport In The War Years No11 (2007)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 2007 by Liz Martin

  • Australia's Road Transport Heritage-Collection-1932 Aec Government Road Train Heritage No 10 (1995)

    Author: Liz. Martin

    Published: in 1995 by Liz Martin

    Format: Book

  • Australia's Yesterdays A Look At Our Recent Past (1974)

    Author: . Readers Digest

    Published: in 1974 by Readers Digest

    Format: Book

  • Australian Aboriginal Decorative Arts (1974)

    Author: Frederick. Mc Carthy

    Published: in 1974 by Australian Museum Sydney

    Format: Book

  • Australian Autobiography (1987)

    Author: John & Dorothy. Coleman

    Published: in 1987 by penguin

    Dewey No.: 920 094

    Subject: autobiographries of many Australians

    Format: Book

  • Australian Colonial Medicine (1979)

    Author: Jennifer. Hagger

    Published: in 1979 by Rigby

    Subject: Medecine-Australia-History

    Format: Book