The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame has a reference library of books, video and audio cassettes relating to Australian women’s history. For access, please contact the curator at

  • Alice Springs History And The People Who Made It (1998)

    Author: Peter. Donovan

    Published: in 1998 by A/S Town Council

    Dewey No.: 994 291

    Format: Book

  • All At Sea On Land And First Lady Ten Years On (1998)

    Author: Kay. Cottee

    Published: in 1998 by Random House

    Subject: Cottee,Kay 1954; Yachting - Australia-Biography

    Format: Book

  • All My Love (1991)

    Author: Anne. Brooksbank

    Published: in 1991 by Minerva Aus.

    Subject: Gilmore,Dame Mary, 1865-1962,in fiction,drama,poetry etc.,

    Format: Book

  • All The Rivers Run (1986)

    Author: Nancy. Cato

    Published: in 1986 by New English Library

    Format: Book

  • Allana Arnot: The Best I Can Be (1998)

    Author: Allana. Arnot

    Published: in 1998 by Pan Macmillan

    Dewey No.: 36243092

    Subject: Women air pilots; biography; physically handicapped Aviation

    Format: Book

  • Along The Tracks With Malcolm Douglas Vhs 102 (1992)

    Author: Malcolm. Douglas

    Published: in 1992 by Malcolm Douglas Films

    Subject: Travel Australian Travel/Outback

    Format: VHS

  • Along The Way (2002)

    Author: Maureen. Flanagan

    Published: in 2002 by Lexington Ave Press

    Dewey No.: 305.906

    Subject: AB

    Format: Book

  • Always A Lady :courageous Women Of Colonial Australia (1990)

    Author: Nancy. Donkin

    Published: in 1990 by Collins Dove

    Subject: Women pioneers-Australia-Boigraphy

    Format: Book

  • Amirah ; An Un-Australian Childhood (19830)

    Author: Amirah. Inglis

    Published: in 19830 by William Heinemann

    Subject: Inglis,Amirah,1926 -

    Format: Book

  • An Australian Christmas Collection (1991)

    Author: Gwenda. Hardie

    Published: in 1991 by Hodder & Stoughton

    Subject: Christmas-Australia-Literary Collections

    Format: Book

  • An Australian Story 1837-1907 (1962)

    Author: Maie. Casey

    Published: in 1962 by Sun Books

    Subject: memoir australia 50 years of progress

    Format: Book

  • An Authentic Life (1998)

    Author: Caroline. Jones

    Published: in 1998 by ABC Books

    Dewey No.: 128092

    Subject: Finding Meaning and Spirituality in Everyday Life, Caroline Jones

    Format: Book

  • An Extraordinary Australian Mary Mackillop (1994)

    Author: Paul. Gardiner Sj

    Published: in 1994 by E.J.Dwyer

    Dewey No.: 271.976

    Subject: Mary Mackillop 1842 - 1909

    Format: Book

  • An Unselfish Life- The Pat Roles Story (1999)

    Author: Marea. Stenmark

    Published: in 1999 by Gary Allen

    Dewey No.: 306.87430994

    Subject: Biog Pat Roles/ Mothers & Sons Blind Kids Society/disadvantaged -blind

    Format: Book

  • Anastasia Women Of Eureka, A Tribute To Anastasia Withers The Threads Of Time The History Of Nanastasia/samuel Withers And Their Family In Australia. (2009)

    Author: Vivienne R. Worthington

    Published: in 2009 by V.Worthington

    Dewey No.: 994 WOR

    Subject: Eureka Stockade, Anastasia Withers, convicts , goldfields , the Southern Cross flag

    Format: Book

  • Angel Larikin-Veronica Brady (2009)

    Author: Kathleen H. Jordan

    Published: in 2009 by Round House Press

    Dewey No.: 271977092

    Subject: Biog. Catholic -board of ABC -traveller-(china)Veronica Brady

    Format: Book

  • Anger & Love: A Life Of Struggle And Commitment (1993)

    Author: Justina. Williams

    Published: in 1993 by Fremantle Arts Centre Press

    Subject: Williams, Justina - Biography ; Authors, Australian - Biography

    Format: Book

  • Annabella Boswells Journal (1987)

    Author: Herman. Morton Edited

    Published: in 1987 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: 994.4

    Subject: Journal Of Annabella Boswell 1826-1916

    Format: Book

  • Anne's Glorybox Patchwork & Stitchery (2002)

    Author: Gloria. Mc Kinnon

    Published: in 2002 by Craftworld Books

    Subject: Craft

    Format: Book

  • Annette Kellerman -Story Of Vhs 44 (2004)

    Author: Annette. Kellerman

    Published: in 2004 by Storyline Australia

    Subject: Famous Australian Swimmer SPORT

    Format: VHS

  • Annie Salter Vhs 68 (2003)

    Author: Salter Annie.

    Published: in 2003 by ABC George Negus To-Night

    Subject: Victim of her time. Destitute Asylum -Adelaide Inmate Homeless- 5 children who did not know she was alive 50 years later

    Format: VHS

  • Another October Child : Recollections Of Eleanor Spence

    Author: Eleanor. Spence

    Published: by Collins Dove

    Subject: Spence, Eleanor, 1928 - -Biography.;Authors, Australian -20th Century - Biography

    Format: Book

  • Antarctic Housewife (1971)

    Author: Nan. Brown

    Published: in 1971 by Hutchinson of Australia

    Format: Book

  • Antartic Australia (1981)

    Author: Jutta. Hosel

    Published: in 1981 by TC O'Neil Pty Ltd

    Format: Book

  • Archives At The Centre (1997)

    Author: . Aust Soc Of Archivists

    Published: in 1997 by Aust Soc of Archivists

    Subject: conference proceediings