The Women’s Museum of Australia is managed by an elected committee of eight to twelve members, consisting of the Executive - President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer – and ordinary Committee Members. Committee members use their own individual skills to assist in the day to day running of the museum, future planning, and fundraising aspects of the organisation.

COMMITTEE 2019-2020 (Last updated 19 December 2019)

Executive Committee

President: Patti Martin

Vice-President:  Wendy Collits

Treasurer: Imelda Adamson Agars

Secretary: Alice Woods

Ordinary Committee Members:  Kay Eade, Steve Shearer,  Daniela Tama, Dianne Roberts

Public Officer:  Lynne Peterkin

We acknowledge the invaluable help of previous committee members who have assisted in building the organisation. Their commitment is much appreciated.


The operations of the museum is the responsibility of the staff, under the leadership of the Business Manager.

Business Manager

The Business Manager can be contacted by emailing: or phoning 08 8952 9006 

Administration Assistant

The Administration Assistant can be contacted by emailing:


The Curator can be contacted via email:

Curatorial Assistant

The Curatorial Assistant can be contacted via email:


The Women’s Museum of Australia is a member of:

International Association of Women’s Museums 

Museums and Galleries Australia

Volunteering SA-NT 

Tourism Central Australia 

Accredited member of Tourism NT