Fluid Art Showcase Exhibition

Posted 8th Mar 2017

Driven by a love of art through her school years, Meegan’s creativity was awakened when the adult colouring books really exploded in 2015.  It was nothing for her to spend six hours completing one piece. That process was a great stress reducer for her and it fired her creative processes!

She began designing her own doodle art pieces and mandalas from there.  On a flight to Melbourne, she was inspired by the landscapes from her plane window, took photos and then created abstracts from those landscapes – a process she is continuing with, titled ‘30,000 Feet’.

Mid 2016 she discovered the art of fluid acrylic painting and she has fallen in love! For her, fluid painting is unpredictable, exciting and rewarding, and in a world where so much is controlled, routine and full of processes and procedures, it allows freedom.

The art exhibition will be from 8 March - 18 May at the National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame. 

Find out more at www.meegansullivanart.com and Facebook - meegansullivanart