Brownie Certificates Set Of 5

Brownie certificates of various sizes. a) coloured picture of mushroom with owl and trees. Certifies that (x) is now a Brownie.Names and dates etc. are blank. b) coloured pictures of people, objects and animals.Certificate to represent “Now a Brownie”c) Blank certificate with pictures of children and a pink elephant. d) yellow and brown borders with yellow guide symbol. blank certificate. e) Certificate “Now a Brownie”with grass, pond, animals, badge plus brownie “characters”

Object ID: NPWHF0285 a-e - Brownie certificates set of 5

Object Number: 285

Materials: card

Dimension: a) W 14,5cm, L 18cm b) W 14.5cm, L 21cm c) W 15cm, L 21cm d) W 20cm, L 26cm e) W 21.5cm ,L 29cm

Provenance: Byrne, Karen