Book Of Brownie Skills

Brownie Skills, a 192 p booklet of colour and b/w, pps  1-4 Intro and contents with pps 5-7 Indoor/Outdoor Categories pps 8-12 Helping at Home , pps 13-21 Things you should know, pps 27-52 Handcrafts pps 53-76 Seasonal things to make pp77-128 Things to make and do pp129-184 In the Country pp185-192 Do you Know .Coloured cover and drawings.Printed in GB 176 Purnell & Sons reprinted 1978. 

Object ID: NPWHF0280 - Book of Brownie Skills

Object Number: 280

Materials: paper, card

Dimension: H 19cm, W 2cm L 11.5cm

Provenance: Byrne, Karen

Maker: Books for Pleasure Paul Hamlyn Pty. Ltd.