Australian Ranger Guide Handbook 1988

Australian Ranger Guide Handbook 1988 inside a Red Ring Binder with white diagonal lines and stylised mountains. Inside the binder are 5 parts. a) which contains general information about being a ranger guide,b) a booklet titled “Badges and Certificates Ranger Section” c) which is an updated booklet on ranger badges and certificates, three faith awareness Badge booklets d)original price 85c two Ranger Section Record Books e ) and a notebook with the Girl Guides Australia emblem and “Girl Guides Association Ranger Section written in ink across the top f) the ring binder. 

Object ID: NPWHF0271 a-f - Australian Ranger Guide Handbook 1988

Object Number: 271

Materials: paper. card

Dimension: f) H 22cm, W 16cm

Provenance: Byrne, Karen

Maker: a) Pam Goodworth