Brownie Guide Handbook 1973

Brownie Guide Handbook 1973. 173pp colour with lots of hand-drawn pictures about being a brownie. Topics covered include: how the Brownies were started, the Brownie Guide motto, the uniform, the Brownie promise, ventures, keeping fit, the Brownie badges, using a compass, and going up to Guides. The book includes an index. The front cover of the book features a coloured drawing of a Brownie in the foreground with sketches of Brownies in the background doing a range of activities. 

Object ID: NPWHF0268 - Brownie Guide Handbook 1973

Object Number: 268

Materials: paper, card

Dimension: H 21.5, L 15cm

Provenance: Byrne, Karen

Maker: Written by Ailsa Brambelby and illustrated by Jennetta Vise.