HerStory Archive

The stories and photographs of pioneering Australian women are preserved in our HerStory Archive, which has been catalogued and indexed in the database below.

Apart from preserving many often previously untold stories, the archive will be useful for future researchers, as well as inspiration for future exhibitions at National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame headquarters in Alice Springs and online.

The information comes to us through many avenues: from our staff and volunteer research and from information supplied by visitors, authors, scholars and friends and family of the pioneer women.

The information on each woman who is included is a summary of her file in our archives. We are working toward attaching photos and will update information as it becomes available to us. As you can appreciate, this is a huge task and will require some financial support. If you have additional information on any of the women listed or another pioneer woman, or believe that our information is incorrect, Submit a HerStory Form

  • Ada Beatrice Bloxham

    Firsts: 1884 - First woman to win Sir W.J. Clarke Scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London

  • Heather Pamela (Mbe, Oam) Blundell

    Born 1941

    Firsts: 1977 - First woman to win the major International Squash Championship - 16 years in succession. 1999 - Became first player admitted as a member of the Women’s International Squash Players Association.

    Special Achievements: 1967 - Australian Sportsperson of the Year 1997 - Inducted into the USA Racquetball Association’s Hall of Fame 1999 - Inducted into Squash Australia’s Hall of Fame 2000 - Australian Sports Medal 2003 - Inducted into the Australian Sports Hall of Fame as a ‘Legend’. Inducted into International Women’s Sport Hall of Fame at a dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.

  • Esther (Mrs) Bohning

    Firsts: First lady on Tennant Creek goldfields

  • Beverley Bolin

    Firsts: 1948 - First known woman to qualify in South Australia

  • Catherine Francis (Am) Bonnes

    Firsts: 1986 - Established first hearing impaired Support Group in Broken Hill which became Broken Hill & District Resource Centre Inc., the first in Far Western NSW

  • Maude (Lores) Bonney

    Born 1897 , died 1994, also known as Lores

    Firsts: 1932. First woman to complete a round-Australia flight

    Special Achievements: 1937 - First woman to fly solo from Australia to South Africa

  • Anna Booth

    Firsts: First Australian woman Federal Secretary of a Union (National Secretary of the Textile Union)

  • Eleanor Elizabeth ('nelly') (Dr) Bourne

    Firsts: First Queensland woman to study medicine First female in Queensland to attend Brisbane Grammar School For Boys

  • Stella Bowen

    Firsts: 1943 - One of first female artists commissioned by War Museum

  • Pam Bowers

    Firsts: 1973 - Pam Bowers and Robin Haskell were the Church of Christ’ first women ministers

  • Susan (Ba, Diped) Boyd

    Firsts: First woman President of Students Association in Australia (Guild of Undergraduate, University of Western Australia 1969)

  • Raelene Boyle

    Special Achievements: Won Silver Medal at Mexico Olympics at 16 yrs of age - youngest Australian medal winner. Won 7 Commonwealth Games Gold Medals Won 3 Olympic Silver Medals

  • June (Oa) Bozzini

    Special Achievements: 2000 - Awarded Order of Australia for services to the welfare of women and families, The Brownies and the Women’s Advisory Council

  • May Bradford

    Firsts: 1931 - First Aviatrix to be employed as an Engineer

  • Edna Bradley

    Firsts: 1957 - One of 26 women to take the inaugural ‘Women Only’ ten (10) day tour to Alice Springs and Ayers Rock

  • Doris Bradshaw

    Special Achievements: Wrote ‘Alice On The Line’.

  • Lillian Brady

    Firsts: First President, Western Division (Local Government)

  • Loraine Margaret Mla (Mrs) Braham

    Firsts: First female Minister for Central Australia - only Country Labor Party female member. Northern Territory Parliament’s first woman Speaker

  • Catherine Margaret (Hon.) Branson

    Born 1948

    Firsts: First female Crown Solicitor First woman to Head a Government Department

  • Sarina Bratton

    Firsts: First Australian female founder and Chief Executive Officer of a Cruise Line (Norwegian Capricorn Line)

  • Jenny Brearley

    Firsts: 1986 - First woman to be elected to the committee of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association 1999 - With Ruth Wilson was first all female crew to compete in Gordon Bennett Cup (International Gas Ballooning competition

    Special Achievements: 1987 - Awarded World aerospace Education Organisation Order of Merit 1987 - Elected to the Board of Directors and pointed Vice President for Australia at Singapore World Congress

  • Jodi (Lt. Col) Breen

    Firsts: First woman on Royal Guard duty outside St James Palace, London (Part of Australian Federation Guard)

  • Patricia (Dr) Brennan

    Firsts: Founding President of the Movement for the Ordination of Women Into the Anglican priesthood