HerStory Archive

The stories and photographs of pioneering Australian women are preserved in our HerStory Archive, which has been catalogued and indexed in the database below.

Apart from preserving many often previously untold stories, the archive will be useful for future researchers, as well as inspiration for future exhibitions at National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame headquarters in Alice Springs and online.

The information comes to us through many avenues: from our staff and volunteer research and from information supplied by visitors, authors, scholars and friends and family of the pioneer women.

The information on each woman who is included is a summary of her file in our archives. We are working toward attaching photos and will update information as it becomes available to us. As you can appreciate, this is a huge task and will require some financial support. If you have additional information on any of the women listed or another pioneer woman, or believe that our information is incorrect, Submit a HerStory Form

  • BALUCH, Joy

    Mayor of Port Augusta SA

  • BAMBLETT, Sally S (Dr) (Oam)

    First Aboriginal Registered Nurse at Aboriginal Medical Service, Redfern NSW
    2005 - Awarded Royal College of Nursing (Qld) Distinguished Nursing Award
    2002 - Doctorate of Nursing,…

  • BAMFORD, Pat

    c. 1929-1930 - First woman to give a 'Shearer's Party'

  • BANKS, Joan Margaret

    Senior Scientist and Microbiologist at Geelong Hospital

  • BARAMBAH, Maroochy

    First indigenous Australian to sing professionally on the Australian operatic stage in 1989

  • BARCLAY, Cora, Obe

    Born 1923, Died 2009

    Life member of Australian Association of Teachers of the Deaf

  • BARKER, Joanna (‘jo’)

    Dean of Programs for the John Curtin International Institute

  • BARKER, Sharon Davson

    Inspirational artist, writer and consultant, fashion designer and speaker

  • BARLOW, Carolyn

    Born 1958

    Convenor and organiser of Australia's first National Conference on Quality in International Education (1992)
    Convenor and organiser of Australia's first national Conference…

  • BARNARD, Marjorie (Ao)

    Born 1897, Died 1987

    Received first University Medal for History. Graduated in 1918
    Awarded A.O

  • BARNES, Margaret (‘madge’)

    1906 - One of first women to graduate in Dentistry from University of Sydney.
    1910-1913 - Perhaps ran Australia's first joint female dental practice (with Annie Praed) in…

  • BARRETT, Paula

    Child Psychologist

  • BARROW, Nell Margaret

    Born 22-Apr-13, Died 37346

    One of the first nurses to be admitted to the Navy Navy Nurse - Served in Milne Bay, New Guinea (1944-1945)

  • BARRY, Mary

    Mt Mulligan midwife, miner's wife and goat herder

  • BART, Cheryl

    Together with her Daughter, Nikki, they were the first Mother/Daughter to conquer Mt Everest (2008)

  • BART, Nikki

    Together with her Mother, Cheryl, they were the first Mother/Daughter team to conquer Mt Everest (2008)

  • BARTON, Nora

    Born 1846

    Aunt to A.B.PATTERSON and Step-Mother to Rosa PRAED (Author). One of the 'hidden 'pioneer women who kept their families.
    Informed, by letter, of the doings of family members…

  • BASHIRE, Marie (Dr)

    New South Wales' first female Governor (1 Mar 2001). Ex-Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Sydney University

  • BATHE, Pat

    One of the first two Police women to be attached to Alice Springs Police

  • BATTLEY, Martha Ellen

    Born 1862, Died 1944

    Pioneer of Western Australia 's pearling ships - Broome and Derby

  • BATTYE, Margaret

    Born 9th August 1909, Died 16 November 1949

    First female Lawyer to represent a client in a WA Court of Law.
    1939 worked for the Council For Civil Liberties. 1934 joined the Western Australian branch of the Australian Federation…

  • BAYLEY, Irene

    Born 1877

    1929 - First woman to be elected to Queensland Parliament's Legislative Assembly

  • BEACHLEY, Layne

    Born 1972

    Also known as: Born Tania Maris Gardner. Adopted by Neil Beachley and his wife Valerie. 2010 currently engaged to Kirk Pengilly

    First woman to win five (7) World Surfing Titles - statistically the greatest woman surfer in surfing history (2010)

  • BEADLE, Jean (Jane)

    Born 1868, Died 1942

    1898 - Convened the first Labour Women's Association in Australia Feminist, Social worker and Labour party member

  • BEALE, Beryl Ivy (‘cloudy’) (Mrs)

    Born 1898, Died 1979

    Pioneer of Alice Springs area