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Also known as: "May". Maiden name was Wilkinson.

Born: October 3, 1905

Died: December 18, 1995

Special Achievements:

Mabel was an early pioneer of Central Australia, arriving in Alice Springs on 5th May, 1920, with her family.  Mabel's father's brother, George Wilkinson, had a store in Alice Springs and the family moved so that Mabel's father could help his brother.  Mabel married in Alice Springs and raised a family of eight children.

Mabel's husband was a telegraphist at the Overland Telegraph Station and, later, the first postmaster at the Alice Springs Post Office, which opened in 1932. Mabel's third child, Tom, was the first baby born at the Australian Inland Mission Hostel in Alice Springs (Adelaide House) on March 4, 1927.