The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame has a reference library of books, video and audio cassettes relating to Australian women’s history. For access, please contact the curator at

  • Aviatrix -Elinor Smith (1981)

    Author: Elinor. Smith

    Published: in 1981 by Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc

    Dewey No.: 0629 0294

    Subject: Auto B.

    Format: Book

  • Baked Beans In The Outback & Curry In Kashmir (2001)

    Author: Mary. Taylor

    Published: in 2001 by Alpha Printing

    Dewey No.: 91940463

    Format: Book

  • Barbara Baynton-Between Two Worlds , A Biography (1989)

    Author: Penne. Hackforth-Jones

    Published: in 1989 by Penguin Books

    Dewey No.: 823.2

    Subject: Baynton,Barbara, 1857-1929 ; Biography

    Format: Book

  • Barking Dogs: Stories & Poems For Radio By Central Australian Writers (1995)

    Author: . Various

    Published: in 1995 by Barking Dogs Collective

    Dewey No.: A823

    Subject: Poems for radio by central Australian writers

    Format: Book

  • Barossa Women (1988)

    Author: Margaret. Stiller

    Published: in 1988 by Tiltili

    Subject: Family Saga in Barossa

    Format: Book

  • Be Beautiful (1940)

    Author: Jean. Cleland

    Published: in 1940 by Consolidated Press

    Dewey No.: 391

    Subject: self improvement Beauty Tips

    Format: Book

  • Beating About The Bush (1964)

    Author: Sarah. Mussen

    Published: in 1964 by Jarrolds Publisher

    Dewey No.: 919

    Subject: autobiography-travels in the southern hemisphere

    Format: Book

  • Becoming A Top Woman Manager (1988)

    Author: Leoniv. Still

    Published: in 1988 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 65840902404

    Subject: Advice for women achieving management status

    Format: Book

  • Beds I Have Slept In & Other Stories

    Author: Marjorie. Gook

    Subject: A/B stories

    Format: Book

  • Before The White Man (1974)

    Author: . Readers Digest

    Published: in 1974 by Readers Digest

    Subject: Aboriginal Life in Prehistoric Aust.

    Format: Book

  • Beginnings:first Decade Nt Women's Advisory Cncl 1983-1995 (1994)

    Author: Mickey. Dewar

    Published: in 1994 by NT Women's Advisory Council

    Dewey No.: 360

    Subject: NT Women

    Format: Book

  • Behind The Wall: The Women Of The Destitute Asylum Adelaide 1852 - 1918 (1994)

    Author: Mary. Geyer

    Published: in 1994 by Axiom Publishers

    Dewey No.: 305.569

    Subject: women destitute

    Format: Book

  • Being Australian Women:belonging, Citizenship & Identity (2000)

    Author: Cheryl. Lange (Ed)

    Published: in 2000 by Univ of WA.,Dept of History

    Dewey No.: 305409941

    Subject: Australian Citizens

    Format: Book

  • Beryl Beaurepaire (1999)

    Author: Michael. Mckernan

    Published: in 1999 by Queensland University Press

    Subject: founder national women's council Politics

    Format: Book

  • Better Than Dancing : The Wandering Years Of A Young Australian, Mary Brennan (1987)

    Author: Elaine. Mckenna

    Published: in 1987 by Greenhouse Publications P/L

    Dewey No.: 920.72

    Subject: Brennan, Mary, 1889 - 2:Women-Australia-Biography -travel

    Format: Book

  • Between Two Worlds (1995)

    Author: Rowena. Macdonald

    Published: in 1995 by IAD Press

    Dewey No.: 36270899915

    Subject: Stolen Generation

    Format: Book

  • Beverley Buckingham - King Vhs 16

    Author: Beverley. Buckingham- King

    Subject: Ist Lady Jockey to be apprentice of the year 1956

    Format: VHS

  • Beyond Blue Hills (1953)

    Author: Gwen. Meredith

    Published: in 1953 by Angus & Robertson

    Subject: story-outback stations

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Black Stump (2008)

    Author: Alan. Mayne, Edit.

    Published: in 2008 by Wakefield Press

    Subject: histories of Outback Australia

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Furthest Fences (1978)

    Author: Margaret. Ford

    Published: in 1978 by Rigby (Seal Paperback)

    Dewey No.: 919 4291

    Subject: Northern Territory-History-1923-1965

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Ladies Lounge (2003)

    Author: Clare. Wright

    Published: in 2003 by Melbourne University Press

    Subject: Australian women hotelkeepers

  • Beyond The Red Door (2004)

    Author: Janet. Shaw

    Published: in 2004 by Allen & Unwin

    Dewey No.: 796 62092

    Subject: Sh`aw Janet,1966- 2/Women Cyclists - Australia - Biography3/ Blind Athletes - Australia-Biography SPORT

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Red Sandhills:a Central Australian Pioneer's Daughter (1999)

    Author: Trudy. Hayes

    Published: in 1999 by Claire Greenwell

    Subject: A/B Pioneer of central Australia PIONEER/outback

    Format: Book

  • Beyond The Western Rivers (1956)

    Author: Myrtle Rose. White

    Published: in 1956 by Angus & Robertson

    Dewey No.: 994.49

    Subject: A/Bio Life in outback SA

    Format: Book

  • Bibliophile (1995)

    Author: P C. Abbott-Young (Ed)

    Published: in 1995 by Friends of the State Library S>A

    Subject: Newsletter, Friends of State Library of S.A