The National Pioneer Women’s Hall of Fame has a reference library of books, video and audio cassettes relating to Australian women’s history. For access, please contact the curator at

  • Antarctic Australia (1981)

    Author: Jutta. Hosel

    Published: in 1981 by J.C. O'Neil Pty Ltd

    Format: Book

  • Australian Aborigines (1974)

    Author: A P. Elkins

    Published: in 1974 by Angus & Robertson

    ISBN: 0207137331

    Subject: Aborigines, Australia - Culture

    Format: Book

  • Australian Directory Of Corporate Community Involvement (2003)

    Author: Louise. Arkles Ed.

    Published: in 2003 by philanthropy Aus.

    ISBN: 0957796048

    Subject: philanthropy

    Format: Book

  • Australian Women's Weekly 75 Years (2008)

    Author: Katie. Ekberg Editor

    Published: in 2008 by Park Street Press

    ISBN: 9781876624040

    Subject: Aus.W.Weekly History, women's Periodicals , food, home, war. new, charity, fashion, family, Magazines

    Format: Book

  • Caddie (1966)

    Author: Dymphna. Cusack

    Published: in 1966 by Sun Books

    Subject: a/b Caddie Hospitality Bar Maid

    Format: Book

  • Care Of Historical Collections: Conservation Handbook For The Non-Specialist (1982)

    Author: Per E. Guldbeck

    Published: in 1982 by American Assn for State & Local History

    ISBN: 910050 07 4

    Subject: Care of Historical Collections , metal, textiles. paper. leather, wood, ceramics, glass, stone Collections

    Format: Book

  • Colonial Voices (1989)

    Author: Elizabeth. Webby - Edited

    Published: in 1989 by Univ. Of Qld Press

    ISBN: 7022 21716

    Subject: Letters Diaries Journalism & A/cs of 19C Aust History -19th C Aus.

    Format: Book

  • Drift Of Derwent Ducks (2005)

    Author: Trudy Mae. Cowley

    Published: in 2005 by National Library Of Australia

    ISBN: 0975678442

    Subject: women convict's lives

    Format: Book

  • Good Sams - Sisters Of The Good Samaritan 1857-1969 (2001)

    Author: Margaret. Walsh

    Published: in 2001 by John Garratt Publishing

    ISBN: 1 875938524

    Subject: Sisters of Good Samaritian- 1857-1969 , religious orders, church Religion/ Nuns

    Format: Book

  • Guinness Book Of Australian Firsts (1987)

    Author: Patrick. Robertson

    Published: in 1987 by Collins Australia

    ISBN: 0 00 217812 5

    Subject: Australia - history-Miscellanea firsts in Australia, history/firsts

    Format: Book

  • History Of The Royal Adelaide Hospital (1982)

    Author: J.estcourt. Hughes

    Published: in 1982 by Board Of RAH

    ISBN: 095933680

    Format: Book

  • Indomitable Miss Pink (2001)

    Author: Julie. Marcus

    Published: in 2001 by University of NSW

    ISBN: 08640 547 7

    Subject: BIO Pink,Olive M ; Women Anthropolists-Central Australia- BIO/Anthropolist

    Format: Book

  • Josephite Story (1990)

    Author: Marie Therese. Foale Rsj

    Published: in 1990 by St.Joseph.s Generalate

    ISBN: 0 9592316 2 5

    Subject: The sisters of St.Joseph:Their Foundation & Early History 1866-1893 ,Mary MacKillop, Julian Tenison Woods, Religion/Nuns

    Format: Book

  • Look At Me (2007)

    Author: Christine. Hogan

    Published: in 2007 by ABC Books

    ISBN: 978 07333 19563


    Format: Book

  • Man From Oodnadatta (1996)

    Author: Robert Bruce. Plowman

    Published: in 1996 by Shoestring Press

    ISBN: 09587908

    Subject: Australian Inland Mission; Central Australian history 1912-1917 RELIGION/MISSIONS

    Format: Book

  • Nene (2002)

    Author: Peter. Fitzsimons

    Published: in 2002 by Harper Collins

    ISBN: 0732275652

    Subject: BIO N. King journalism women, magazines/a.women's weekly/womens day

    Format: Book

  • Other Half; Women In Australian Society (1997)

    Author: Jan. Mercer (Ed)

    Published: in 1997 by Penguin Books

    ISBN: 0 1402 1923 3

    Subject: Woman- Rights of Women SOCIETY/WOMEN IN SOCIETY

    Format: Book

  • Past And Present A Story Of Our Guiding (1997)

    Author: . Girl Guide Association Of Victoria

    Published: in 1997 by Mc Kellar Press

    ISBN: 0 909491.36 4

    Subject: Girl Guides SOCIETIES/GIRL GUIDES

    Format: Book

  • Real Matilda:woman & Identity In Australia 1788 To 1975 (1976)

    Author: Miriam. Dixson

    Published: in 1976 by Penguin Books

    ISBN: 0 14 021958 2

    Subject: Australian women 1788-1975 Society

    Format: Book

  • Snake Cradle/ Also Snake Dancing (1997)

    Author: Roberta. Sykes

    Published: in 1997 by Allen & Unwin

    ISBN: 186448513 2

    Subject: A/B Roberta Sykes...Aboriginal activist Society/ avtivist

    Format: Book

  • Speaking For Myself Again (2002)

    Author: Cheryl. Kernot

    Published: in 2002 by Harper Collins

    ISBN: 07322 75385

    Subject: tells of experiences in Labor Party 4 years POLITICS/LABOR PARTY

    Format: Book

  • Story Of New Norcia, The Western Australian Benedictine Mission (1991)

    Author: . Benedictine Community Of New Norcia

    Published: in 1991 by Benedictine Community

    Subject: New Norcia Benedictine Mission , church Missions

    Format: Book

  • The Female Eunuch (1999)

    Author: Germaine. Greer

    Published: in 1999 by Harper Collins

    ISBN: 0586080553

    Subject: examination of women'a oppression and movement forward SOCIAL

    Format: Book

  • The Merry Bronhill (1987)

    Author: June. Bronhill

    Published: in 1987 by Mandarin Ausy.

    ISBN: 1863300635

    Subject: Opera Singer- MUSIC/OPERA

    Format: Book

  • To The Ends Of The Earth- The Life Story Of Ida Voss (2004)

    Author: Paul And Eleanor. Knie

    Published: in 2004 by Everbest Printing Co.Lts

    ISBN: 0 646 43485 3

    Subject: Bio/missionary Ida Voss , church, Papua New Guinea Religion/Missionary PNG/central Australia Finke River/ Hermannsburg

    Format: Book